Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure that uses bone graft to fix the spine. It is one of the most common treatments for vertebral compression fracture and spinal stenosis. The fusion process of vertebrae increases the length of the spine. This allows extra space in the spine and better protection against future damage. The fusion process can be done through open or minimally invasive surgery options depending on patient’s needs.The first way to fix a surgical spinal fixation is by using the best technique. This is for patients with lower back pain, who can't pass through the level of fusion without any discomfort.The second way to fix a surgical spinal fixation is through surgery. The procedure usually requires open surgery and involves removing the bone from three vertebrae of the spine. The bones on top and bottom are cut away so that each vertebra can be fused with another one.This makes it easier for the patient to move around after surgery, as only two small incisions are required during the procedure; this allows recovery time to be faster compared to other options.In addition, this method is more effective than other surgeries: it can solve back pain caused by degeneration of the spine or compression fractures.Even if you find the right surgeon and get the best surgery, it’s still possible your spinal fusion will fail. This is because a fusion can only be set up when there is plenty of bone available to support it, which would require surgery.If a spinal fusion fails and you need a different kind of spine surgery, this can cause serious complications to your long-term health. Your bones could become sutured together too tightly, and it may be impossible for you to walk or even stand properly after the procedure. In many cases especially in younger patients this type of surgical fusion can also cause nerve damage that requires major back surgery later on.We export these high quality surgical and medical equipment in USA and Latin USA.

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