Surgical Cannulated Screws are a type of surgical instrument that is inserted through the skin and bone and used to hold or immobilize a structure, such as a bone fragment or other tissue, in place. This makes them an excellent option for performing minimally invasive surgery. They are typically placed in an area where it is difficult to insert another smaller instrument like a needle.Surgical screws are inserted through the skin and bone of the body, usually in areas where it is difficult for other instruments to be used. They consist of a bar, with a small hole drilled in it, that goes through the skin and into bone. Most surgical screws can be removed easily without causing any damage to the tissue or bone.Incision screws are similar to surgical screws but they have a wider, more rounded tip so they can be placed deeper into blood vessels. The advantage of incision screws is that they can be removed after surgery is complete.At the heart of surgical cannulated screw technology is a ceramic shaft. The shaft has a hollow tube bolted to it, which is threaded into an aluminum insert.While traditional surgical screws use metal threads, stainless steel or titanium screws are ideal for inserting the ceramic shafts. In fact, some surgical cannulated screw manufacturers even offer titanium-threaded screws that are designed for surgical applications.Cannulated screw technology works by inserting a hollow tube into the body cavity and then attaching it to the metal insert. This ensures that when inserted through the skin and into the bone, there is no metal in your body.The cannulated screw has metal threads on both ends of its hollow wire rod. It can be inserted through a small incision in your skin into the bone or muscle tissue without passing through any tissues or nerves. You simply have to thread this rod through a small opening in your skin and hold it with one hand while you pull on another end with your other hand until you can feel resistance in this area where you'd like to insert it.We export these high quality surgical and medical equipment in USA and Latin USA.

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